Celebrating over 30 years of Built Environment Education, Research & Consultancy Services


Singapore & Hong Kong

Projects in Singapore & Hong Kong invariably involve a team of local and overseas experts. Significant projects undertaken by the Centre include the following:

  • Condition Assessment of Monuments and Conservation Buildings
  • Condition Assessment of Industrial Buildings
  • Condition Assessment of 6 MRT Stations to Develop Annual Condition-Based Maintenance Plan & Life Cycle Management and Recapitalisation Plan for these Stations
  • Developing a Tendering Strategy for high risk projects such as Upgrading of Public Housing and Refurbishment of Airport Terminals while the buildings are occupied
  • Investigating, Mediating and Resolving a Defects claim amounting to several million dollars for a Statutory Board
  • Development of an Office Space Management Framework and Process Model for a Ministry as well as a Statutory Board
  • Development of a Building Maintenance Policy and Information System for a Tertiary Institution
  • Development of a Property Asset Health Management Policy for a large Hong Kong Client