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Job Redesign aims to raise the level of productivity in FM work, enhance the employability of the workforce, improve working conditions and image of existing jobs and/or create new jobs. It may involve re-designing of work process in tandem to realize the benefits.

RECC was appointed by NTUC as Co-ordinator for the Job Re-creation Programme (JRP) for the Real Estate/Facilities Management and Maintenance Industry. A Job Redesign and Re-Creation Process Model was developed to underpin the creation of value-add existing jobs and create new jobs to meet changing technological and user demands in the Industry. 


RECC Job Redesign and Re-creation Model ©

The JRP outcomes are a multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled and multi-tasking workforce enabled by standardised procedures and technological and digitization aids. Success stories include the creation of a multi-tasking Built Environment Custodian job and Standardized Inspection procedures and data.


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